The Thirsty Beagle: Release the hounds -- Beagle Beer is here!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Release the hounds -- Beagle Beer is here!

It only took more than nine years of tirelessly documenting the Oklahoma craft beer scene, but finally I have reached the mountaintop of craft beer glory.

A Thirsty Beagle beer will be released to the market.

It's Beagle Beer, to be precise, and it comes from the mind and brewing tanks of Elk Valley Brewing and brewmaster John Elkins.

The beer -- a super-dry-hopped tart farmhouse ale conditioned with Brett -- will be released on Saturday at the OK City Brewing Co-op, 520 N Meridian. You can see details of the release here. It's set for noon, with 150 cases of 500 ml bottles going on sale for $6-a-pop.

The idea for the beer was born this spring, when Elkins and I brainstormed ideas for a collaboration beer to celebrate Oklahoma City Craft Beer Week.

My initial suggestion was something dry-hopped, maybe with some fruit added and, if possible, with the obligatory hot peppers that I try to finagle into every beer I make at home. In other words, some kind of complete monstrosity.

Fortunately someone with actual brewing skill -- Elkins -- stepped in and suggested using a Le Ferme saison base, super-charging it with Mosaic and Citra hops and conditioning it with Brett to add tartness and a subtle, spicy pop.

Only one keg of the beer was made last May for OKC Craft Beer Week, but Elkins was so pleased with the result that he decided he would re-create the beer and scale it up for a commercial release.

Now you can score some to take home for yourself. And even better, if you can't make the release on Saturday, a limited amount of the beer will be sent out to distribution in bottles and on tap.

And then lastly, if you want to learn a little more about the beer, you can check out the podcast I recorded with Elkins earlier this year. That's includes a good interview about the beer and about Elk Valley in general:


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