The Thirsty Beagle: News flash: Women like IPAs, too

Friday, June 9, 2017

News flash: Women like IPAs, too

Bartenders and wait staff of Oklahoma City: Would you like to take your life into your own hands?

If so, go ahead and ask me what kind of beer I want, and then ask my wife if she would like a cider or sangria.

There's a 2 million percent chance at that point the situation will play out like this:

All kidding aside, Mrs. Beagle has been imploring me for at least a couple years now to write about something we've experienced repeatedly when we go out for dinner or drinks. That being the perception among bartenders and waiters that because my wife is a woman, she must not be interested in beer.

And especially heaven forbid she might want an IPA! (That inevitably leads to a patronizing warning that IPAs are "kind of bitter." Ummm, OK, thanks for the info.)

That gender stereotyping has happened so much to us that it's become a running joke and almost an expectation when we go out.

Of course, to my great amusement, it sends my wife over the edge every time. And I know we're not the only people it happens to.

Red Earth Brewers President Nicholas Hodge shared a story with me about him and his wife ordering drinks. He ordered a German lager, she ordered a COOP F5 IPA. A different server brought the drinks out and placed the lager in front of his wife and the F5 in front of him. Ha!

I know that the craft beer segment is small, and that a lot of women (sure, probably the majority) would pick a blonde ale or a cider or a fruit-forward wine, for example, over a hardcore IPA most of the time.

But that doesn't make it any less annoying for women who would opt for the IPA.

Mrs. Beagle, for one, is not taking it lightly. She has taken to combating the problem by either ordering the most intensely hopped IPA on the menu, or just saying eff-it altogether and ordering bourbon or Scotch neat.

Come on wait staff of the world: Not all women are interested in fruity fru-fru drinks.

But don't take my word for it. I asked Mrs. Beagle to share why it pisses her off so much:

"It pisses me off because I hate to be pigeon-holed. It's 2017 for crying out loud, stop it with the gender stereotypes. Women can like IPAs and men can like cider. Every time a waiter offers me a blonde it only encourages me to order the 'manliest' beer on the menu."

Well, on behalf of Mrs. Beagle, I've got a newsflash for everyone out there: Women like beer, too! And even -- gasp! -- bitter beer.

Has this happened to you as well? I'd love to hear your stories, even if only to know we're not alone out there.

So, what else is going on?

-Live on the Plaza is tonight. They're doing a dog-friendly theme this time around, and it looks like it'll be a spectacular evening to stroll around the Plaza District.

-Your upcoming Monday night McNellie's pint nights: COOP Saturday Siren at OKC; Elysian Space Dust at Norman: Oskar Blues Priscilla at Tulsa; and Renaissance Gamma Ray IPA at Tulsa-South.

-Earlier this week I wrote about the Dogfish Head Beer Dinner on Tuesday at Picasso Cafe; there is another DFH beer dinner for those on the east side of state. The Bond Tulsa is hosting one on Wednesday night. More info can be found here. And even before both of those events, Oak & Ore just announced they are hosting a DFH Oklahoma Launch Party on Monday at 6 p.m.

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