The Thirsty Beagle: Stone, Roughtail, Twisted Spike take spotlight

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Stone, Roughtail, Twisted Spike take spotlight

Real world got you down? Take a walk in the beer world, my friends.

And what's news in the beer world today? For starters, today is the day we're supposed to see bottled and canned offerings of Stone IPA and Stone Delicious IPA in state liquor stores. (Arrogant Bastard was expected, but has apparently been pushed back.) Draft offerings are scheduled to be rolled out on Monday, starting with a special edition of the Plaza Beer Walk.

On Tuesday, I shared a few Stone events I could confirm, but since then, I've got a complete list of Oklahoma City-area events. You can see that here:

-5 p.m. Monday at Empire Slice (Stone IPA, part of Plaza Beer Walk)

-6 p.m. Monday at The Mule (Ruination Double IPA, part of Plaza Beer Walk)

-7 p.m. Monday at Oak & Ore (Arrogant Bastard, part of Plaza Beer Walk)

-8 p.m. Monday at Saints (Delicious IPA, part of Plaza Beer Walk)

-5 p.m. Tuesday at McNellie's OKC (Ruination IPA)

-5 p.m. Tuesday at McNellie's Norman (Stone IPA)

-6 p.m. Tuesday at TapWerks (Delicious IPA)

-7 p.m. Tuesday at Hudson's Public House OKC (Stone IPA)

-8 p.m. Tuesday at Skinny Slim's OKC (Arrogant Bastard)

-5 p.m. Wednesday at Republic (Ruination IPA)

-6 p.m. Wednesday at Skinny Slim's Edmond (Delicious IPA)

-7 p.m. Wednesday at The Patriarch (Stone IPA)

-8 p.m. Wednesday at Pub W Memorial (Arrogant Bastard)

And there are also some Tulsa events (I believe there are more, so do not treat this as a conclusive list):

-5 p.m. Feb. 6 at R-Bar

-7:30 p.m. Feb. 6 at Roosevelt's

-5 p.m. Feb. 8 at McNellie's-South

So, there's no excuse to miss out on the first run of Stone offerings next week. In the meantime, if you're looking for some new local beers to try before then, you sir are in luck.

-Roughtail is releasing its next canned beer this Friday at 4 p.m. This time it's Powder, a 5.5 percent ABV pale ale brewed exclusively with Mosaic Lupulin Powder. Interesting! The beer will be $10 per four-pack, with a one-case-per-person limit. Expect a line at the door and for this beer to move fast.

-Twisted Spike is also getting in on the act, with a release set for 4 p.m. Friday featuring Black Snake, a Russian imperial stout. This is the eighth beer offered by Twisted Spike so far -- an impressive level of diversity for a brewery that's only been open a couple months.

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