The Thirsty Beagle: I don't normally go to Tulsa, but when I do, I prefer to drink rare beers

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I don't normally go to Tulsa, but when I do, I prefer to drink rare beers

Defining what's trendy in craft beer is getting more and more tricky.

We've seen several fads over the past few years -- IPAs, double IPAs, dry-hopped stouts, oak-aged beers, bourbon-oak-aged beers, sours, wild sours, blends and so on.

What will 2017 bring? If recent releases are any indication, this may be the year of the liquor-barrel-aged sour beer also aged on fruit. (There's got to be an easier way to say that!)

What's clear is that brewers are continually pushing the envelope and driving to find that next combination of variables to make a unique beer.

Next month, there's an event that will highlight that pursuit.

The Oklahoma Rare Beer Invitational is set for 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18 at The Bond Tulsa events center, 608 E 3rd St.

The event will bring together an impressive list of local and national brewers offering a selection of beer ranging from hard-to-find to ultra-rare. Tickets are $75 and provide the attendee with four hours of beer, food catered by the McNellie's Group and custom stemware to take home.

(If somehow that wasn't enough beer for you, there's also a pre-party at the Fur Shop, and an after-party at Chimera.)

The night is being organized by Craft & Barrel's Freddy Lamport, who said consumers are looking for opportunities to sample rare and complex beers, adding that the Oklahoma Rare Beer Invitational is a great opportunity to educate consumers on what brewers are doing creatively.

"Beer has become more than just your average six-pack," Lamport said. "It is complex, sought-after and at times confusing. Festivals such as these allow consumers the chance to experience the top of the tier without the worry of being committed to only one beer or style."

While the beer list for the ORBI is still rounding into form, what's already confirmed is certainly a stout line-up (not to be confused with a line-up of stouts) of offerings. You can see the list below, and find more information and updates at the event's FB page.

18th Street Brewing 

Evil Twin Brewing
-Michigan Maple Jesus
-Maple Barrel Imperial Biscotti Break (tentative)
-Double Barrel Jesus (tentative)

Clown Shoes
-Cognac Vanilla Billionaire
-LA Piguina En Fuego

Destihl Brewing
-Vanilla Rye Dosvadonya
-Tequila Barrel Gose

-Yellow Belly Draft

-Apricot Ostara
-Whiskey Sour Bourbon Barrel Flemish Golden
-Noel de Crane
-Nostalgia (new farmhouse)
-Barrel Aged Kentucky Peach w/Vanilla

-Trois Ans
-Vanilla Peaches
-Ginger Pear Sour



-Barrel Aged Christmas Bomb
-Pirate Paradise

American Solera


-Eagle Rye 10 Year Barleywine (Or other base beer)


-Brandy Barrel Cherry DNR
-Territorial Reserve

-Expletus (Tequila barrel sour w/cherries)
-Tangerine Quad

-Barrel Aged Barleywine

-Dragon Fruit/Passion Fruit Family Ale
-When Doves Rye Amarena w/Cherries
-Topeca Stout

Elk Valley
-Black Berry Bruin
-Coconut Rum Barrel

-Barrel Aged Maple Brown Ale
-Old Ale

Against The Grain
-Barrel Aged Bo & Luke
-London Balling (barrel aged barleywine)

Dead Armadillo
-Tropical DIPA (Simcoe, Pacific Jade, Comet)
-Bourbon Vanilla Porter

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