The Thirsty Beagle: Choc to move bulk of production to McAlester

Monday, October 3, 2016

Choc to move bulk of production to McAlester

Now fully in control of the production of all Prairie beers, Choc Beer Co. is finding things a little cramped at the Pete's Place brewery in Krebs.

In a move that has been building for some time as Choc has grown its production, company officials have finalized a deal to move the bulk of production and storage to McAlester.

The move is being aided by a $1 million grant from the state Commerce Department, buoyed by plans by Choc to add 30 jobs over the next three years, according to a report in The Oklahoman.

Choc also is putting up nearly $1 million in matching funds.

This move is not surprising -- Choc has been on an upward growth curve for several years, memorably adding a 50-barrel brewing system a few years back that the company purchased from Sweetwater Brewing Co.

This development of course raises the question of what will become of the original brewery attached to Pete's Place? According to the report, Choc plans to maintain the restaurant and original brewery. Perhaps we will see a situation similar to Boston Beer Co., where the original brewery serves as a space for recipe development and public tours.

So what else is going on in the beer world?

Roughtail Brewing hosted yet another successful special can release on Friday. This time, beer drinkers lined up for a chance to purchase a Citra wet-hopped IPA -- the base beer was Everything Rhymes with Orange, but the regular hop bill was swapped for fresh hops flown right in from the hop fields and canned a few hours before folks started lining up.

Yes, as you may have suspected, the beer is delicious.

The entire supply of cans, 60 cases, was gone in less than 40 minutes. Clearly Roughtail is taking full advantage of SB 424. Curious about what they've got coming up next? Adaptation 6, wet-hopped with Mosaic, is due for release on Saturday, Oct. 15.

Meanwhile, the latest Oklahoma beermaker to make a commercial release, Vanessa House Beer Co., held their official launch party on Friday at Slaughter's Hall in Deep Deuce. They also burned through some beer, to the tune of 15 cases in under an hour. If you missed that, their debut beer -- 401K Cream Ale -- will be on tap at The Patriarch this Thursday. The same night, they'll hold a Tulsa release party at Roosevelt's. Keep your eye on the blog for more on Vanessa House.

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