The Thirsty Beagle: Iron Monk preps for opening of tap room

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Iron Monk preps for opening of tap room

I was up in Stillwater for the most recent OSU football game (that offensive line! Sheesh!), and I took the opportunity to swing by Iron Monk Brewing to tour their facility, located just off campus at Sixth and Husband.

As an OSU graduate, it certainly is nice to see a craft brewery operating in my old stomping grounds. I chatted with brewery founders and long-time homebrewers Dave Monks, on the left in the picture above, and Jerod Millirons, on the right, about how business is going and also about what kind of reception they're getting from the typical Bud Light-drinking crowd up there.

Turns out college kids these days are warming up to the idea of craft beer, and Monks and Millirons are seeing demand grow in Stillwater.

(Side note: Did you know that the name Iron Monk comes from a combination of the names Monks and Millirons?)

You likely have tried their first two beers -- Milk Stout and Payne County Imperial IPA. The beers are both being distributed across Oklahoma, even garnering some requests from liquor stores in the far reaches of the state. The duo reports their third offering, the low-point Stilly Wheat, has been met with a lot of enthusiasm in town. The beer has been picked up by several local restaurants.

I was able to sample some on Saturday, and while a low-point wheat beer wouldn't necessarily be my first choice, they've done a good job with this. It was bright and enjoyable, with just a hint of hop crispness.

Next up for Iron Monk should be a session IPA. They hope to have that beer ready right about the time they open their tap room.

Which brings me to my next point. Monks and Millirons -- who not only brew the beer but also have been doing demo, build-out and renovations on the brewery building -- are working hard to finish their tap room project.

I was able to check out the space and I can report that this will be one of the better tap rooms in the state from an aesthetics and functionality standpoint. It features an expansive wooden bar-top, a large and inviting area for seating and the key piece -- a towering window behind the bar that looks back to the brewhouse set-up.

So keep your eyes on Iron Monk's social media channels and on this blog for updates on an opening date for the tap room. It'll be worth the drive to Stillwater.

Pints and Pins

-Big news from TapWerks -- check out this post from the FB page:

Hey Friends! We're turning TWENTY next month, and we think that calls for a party! A no-holds-barred, week-long, bringing-the-gold-wax-Bomb!-out-of-the-cellar type party!
Stayed tuned for details and mark your calendars for October 5-8!

-Coop Ale Works is hosting a Beer & Football Watch Party on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. COOP reports their projector screen is up and running, and the OU game will be on.

That's it for today -- but I'll have more event updates and news on the blog tomorrow.

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