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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Roughtail Blog Takeover: One more year-rounder to be offered

I've had a lot of fun sharing all the exciting news coming out of Roughtail Brewing Co. this week, but today it's time to wrap up our Roughtail Blog Takeover.

To close things out, how about the announcement of another beer being added to the growing list of Roughtail's year-round offerings?

Let's welcome Roughtail Pale Ale to the team:

Roughtail's Blaine Stansel reports this beer will check in at 5% ABV and should be on store shelves in cans -- for the first time -- in about two to three weeks.

So, let's review: We learned this week that Roughtail is hosting its own Oktoberfest, called Roughtoberfest; that they're producing a special banana IPA for ZooBrew called Monkey Shines IPA; that Hoptometrist is being released as a year-round offering starting next weekend; and that Roughtail Pale Ale will be released in cans, also as a year-round offering.

I'd say that's a good amount of news! Cheers to Roughtail for owning the blog this week -- that was fun!

Pints and Pins

-Marshall Oktoberfest and Bound for Glory are expected in stores today.

-Today is Elk Valley Tap and Glassware night at Oak & Ore.

-Caldera Pale Ale is on special all week for $3.75 at McNellie's-OKC.

-If you buy a Warsteiner boot at Fassler Hall-OKC on Aug. 27, they'll donate proceeds to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:

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