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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

See the full Oklahoma City Craft Beer Week schedule

I've been slowly releasing all the events for Oklahoma City Craft Beer Week, but of course it would be easier to have all the events listed in one place so you can see the whole week in its full glory.

Well, wait no more:

As Ron Burgandy would say, drink it in, it always goes down smooth.

We have a great lineup for you this year. I want to give an early shout-out to the brewers and to all the different venues that are hosting events -- notably TapWerks and Oak & Ore, who are hosting events pretty much every night of the week. Also a tip o' the cap to the folks at Quality Beverage, who have been helping pull together some of these events as well.

As it says on the flier, some events may be subject to change. It's best to call ahead to your venue to check on time and ticket availability -- although almost all the events are free to attend. You would just need to pay for your beer, of course.

So get out there, OKC beer fans, and let's support our local brewers and beer-friendly venues. I'll be at several of the events -- including serving as moderator of the brewers panel at Sunday's Red Earth Brewers Oklahoma Beer Forum -- so feel free to stop by and say hello.

Pints and Pins

-Mustang Brewing announced today they will be pouring beer at this year's Paseo Arts Festival, which is set for Memorial Day weekend.

-Here's a blog post from Prairie Artisan Ales about their Prairie Somewhere.

-Here's some info on The Wedge's Local Beer Party on May 12 during OKC Craft Beer Week. This is a great event -- definitely worth attending if you've not been to one.

-And here's more info on the aforementioned Oklahoma Brewers Forum this Sunday. The event is open only to members of the Red Earth Brewers and other participating homebrew clubs. Here's the great part: For what you would pay for a Red Earth Brewers membership, attendance at this event will be a steal of a deal.

-Here's a neat article about growing hops at home.

-"The great beer writer Michael Jackson once compared Saccharomyces to a dog and brett to a cat.Saccharomyces is trainable, usually predictable and comes back to you when called, while brett will run away when it feels like and will probably scratch you when you pick it up." How can you not like that quote? If you agree, read this.

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