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Monday, April 20, 2015

Brewed the hard way?

When I saw the 3.2 Goose Island IPA pop up in my local grocery store a few weeks ago, I couldn't resist.
I snapped a pic of the stack of six-packs and posted it on Facebook, with the caption "Brewed the hard way, no doubt."
Of course that was a jab at Anheuser-Busch's Superbowl commercial for Budweiser. The fury of "Brewed the Hard Way" was at its peak right after the Superbowl -- it essentially ignited a fire storm in the craft beer world.

After all, if you've ever watched a craft brewer start a brewery from the ground up, you know what making beer the hard way is all about.
This concept was pointed out by many a craft brewer in the aftermath.
One thing that really hit home for me was the obvious hypocrisy in a company knocking down craft beer when said company owns several popular craft beer brands.
Just like Anheuser-Busch InBev owns Goose Island. So of course it was interesting, to say the least, to see AB adding another "craft" label to the grocery store shelves.
On Sunday, I found myself almost out of homebrew or any other sessionable beers, so I bit the bullet and picked up a six pack of Goose IPA. You know, for science.

And here's the thing -- the beer isn't really that bad. For a 3.2 grocery store beer, you could do a lot worse. But of course AB won't pour ad money into Goose Island -- they'd rather backhandedly smack it down while boosting their golden child.
That to me is the best thing about the influx in the past year of 3.2 beers from Oklahoma's craft brewers. With Goose IPA, Blue Moon and Boulevard Pop-Up IPA all sharing mega-beer parental tendencies, you can still get low-point beer brewed the hard way while supporting the small guy.

Pints and Pins

-The McNellie's OKC Pub Run is set for May 2. Four miles, four beers. You can sign up at

-Speaking of McNellie's, here's your Monday pint nights at the McNellie's pubs: Kronenbourg Blanc in Oklahoma City; Left Hand Milk Stout in Tulsa; Green Flash in Norman; and Abita Purple Haze at Tulsa-South.

-Good information here on how to make a yeast starter.

-One follow-up from Friday's post about Oklahoma City Craft Beer Week. The Oklahoma Brewers Forum on May 10 is open only to members of the Red Earth Brewers homebrew club and other select homebrew clubs in the state. It should be a really cool event, and if you want in, maybe now's the time to pull the trigger on that homebrew club membership.

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