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Starting a brewery is hard work.

I know that from covering and writing about the Oklahoma craft beer scene first-hand since 2008.

I chronicled many a brewery -- Roughtail, Anthem, COOP and Prairie, to name just a few -- as they were forming from the ground up.

As I learned, one common challenge for start-up breweries is finding the time to take care of everything needed when building out a new beer business. Whether it's sourcing ingredients and equipment, dealing with licensing and permits, constructing a building, or simply just making the beer, there's never enough time.

There's definitely not enough time, and often not the right know-how, when it comes to garnering publicity to help grow your brand. After all, you're a brewer and business person first, second and third.

That's where I come in. I spent more than 12 years at The Oklahoman, during which time I wrote the Thirsty Beagle Beer Blog and covered the news of beer and brewing for the state's largest news organization. At the same time, I've been a homewbrewer for nearly 10 years. So I understand beer, and I understand the beer business. I also understand how the media works.

I took this knowledge of the media and transitioned out of the news and into public and media relations, working for three-and-a-half years at an Oklahoma City PR and digital marketing firm. This gave me the opportunity to learn how to work with the media on behalf of my clients.

Now I aim to take this knowledge and put it to work for Oklahoma's beermakers. Like any business, new brewers (or established ones) need publicity and media coverage to help ensure their success and continued relevance.

Media coverage -- through newspaper or magazine stories, or television appearances -- can help push your brand in front of thousands of potential customers, both in the initial interaction and in post-coverage, social media sharing.

Think you'd like to secure some publicity for your brand? I'd be glad to help.

You can reach me by email here.


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