The Thirsty Beagle: So, what's the deal with the co-op?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

So, what's the deal with the co-op?

A week ago about this time, Elk Valley pulled the plug on its planned re-launch party -- which had been set for last Saturday -- at the OK City Brewing Co-op.

Then last night, second verse same as the first as Angry Scotsman announced its re-launch party -- set for this Saturday -- had been switched from the brewery building on N Meridian to The Patriarch.

Then earlier this evening, Vanessa House followed suit, announcing their re-launch party (Oct. 21) has now been postponed.

All these developments have people asking me, and asking around on social media, what's the deal with the co-op?

While some have suspected some sort of nefarious scheme or fishy circumstances, the truth is actually a lot less sexy.

It appears the co-op has fallen victim to the same phenomenon that has caught up almost every single brewery that has ever tried to open for business in Oklahoma: Everything about opening a brewery takes longer than you think.

I spoke with co-op owner Brad Stumph last night and he confirmed as much, saying that they had set a very aggressive timeline for re-opening the brewery to the public, but they simply did not have all the T's crossed and I's dotted yet to do so.

Stumph said that production at the brewery is ongoing -- as we have seen with both Elk Valley and Angry Scotsman -- so you likely will still be able to find these beers around town, such as on Saturday at The Patriarch.

Speaking of that, festivities for Angry Scotsman are set to kick off at noon on Saturday, with Rusty Kiltpin (Scottish 80/export ale), Night Terror (American black IPA), Pale Ryder (American pale rye ale) and a secret special release set to be on tap (a release time for the special release has not been announced). There will also be a pair of food trucks on hand, and both OSU and OU football games on TV.

If and when new dates are announced for the co-op, I'll be sure to pass those along in this space.

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