The Thirsty Beagle: Oklahoma beer label report

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Oklahoma beer label report

It's always fun to peruse new beer labels as our local brewers submit them to the feds for approval, and we've had quite a bit of action on that front over the past few weeks.

Let's take a look!

(Reminder: These labels are not always indicative of the final version of a particular label -- more on that in a minute -- and don't always equate to a brewer bringing said label to market. But they are generally a good indicator of what new beers brewers are planning to introduce.)

First, we have a new canned offering for Nothing's Left, with their 6.5% ABV Strawberry Blonde. This one has been on draft for a time now, but it looks like it may be headed to liquor stores, too:

We've got a new beer from Anthem, Family Tree. This 9.3% ABV farmhouse/saison brett has been aged in oak barrels, according to the labeling:

The latest from COOP's DNR Cask-It series has been aged in rye barrels:

It looks like Dead Armadillo is going a little dark with a new canned Dunkelweizen:

We just recently saw a new beer unveiled by Iron Monk -- The Nine IPA. That beer features a cool label design completed as part of an Oklahoma State University Graphic Design Challenge. Now Iron Monk has filed two new labels, which certainly have the look of art-level graphic design. We have Outland, a 6.7% ABV dry-hopped citrus pale ale, and Roadtripper, a 5.6% ABV saison:

Now we get to the part about label submissions that almost assuredly will not be the final label that hit the market. It looks like both Prairie and American Solera are from time to time employing the tactic of submitting a placeholder label to the feds for approval, then revising the label before the beer hits the market. I asked Prairie President Zach Prichard about this practice, and he said the feds allow revisions to labels without brewers having to resubmit the updated label for approval. So this appears to be a good tactic if you want to keep secret what your label will look like until the beer is released.

Anyway, the placeholder labels do still seem to reveal a beer's name and some basic info. In recent public filings, we've got a trifecta of such labels from Prairie: Booyeah, which is described as a 7% ABV imperial stout aged in rum and whiskey barrels with coconut, vanilla and cocoa nibs; Double Barrel Noir, a 13% ABV imperial stout aged in rum and whiskey barrels; and Imaginary Friends, a 7% ABV IPA:

And then one from American Solera -- Sobo Pils, a 4% ABV offering that appears headed for release in kegs and bottles:

It will be interesting to see if the placeholder tactic is one that more brewers will employ down the road in order to the control the reveal of their branding and images.


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