The Thirsty Beagle: Top 10 Oklahoma craft beer stories of 2016: No. 4

Friday, December 30, 2016

Top 10 Oklahoma craft beer stories of 2016: No. 4

We've reached the final four of our list of top 10 craft beer stories for Oklahoma in 2016. Selecting the 10 stories on the list was a challenge, but ranking the top four was especially difficult. I'm sure different folks could arrange this list in a number of different ways!

Before we get to No. 4, you can click here to scroll through Nos. 5 through 10.

Without further delay, here is...

No. 4

The news: Four-pack of new breweries launch

What happened: Three new brick-and-mortar breweries completed construction and opened their production facilities and taprooms in 2016: Beavers Bend and Mountain Fork in McCurtain County and Twisted Spike in Oklahoma City. In addition, Prairie Artisan Ales founder Chase Healey launched a new company -- American Solera -- after Choc acquired Prairie. (And as a bonus, Dead Armadillo opened its taproom in 2016 as well.)

Why it mattered: I put a lot of stock in the term brick-and-mortar -- when a brewer makes that kind of investment and gets his or her own skin in the game, as they say, I think it's worth recognizing. (No disrespect meant whatsoever to any contract or gypsy brewers out there!) Also, the key to growing beer tourism in Oklahoma is providing locations/destinations, so that's another reason to celebrate new brewery/taproom openings. Adding four or five of those locations in one year is certainly noteworthy.

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