The Thirsty Beagle: Top 10 Oklahoma craft beer stories of 2016: No. 9

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 10 Oklahoma craft beer stories of 2016: No. 9

As we prepare for the arrival of 2017, I'm saying so long to 2016 by continuing my countdown of Oklahoma's top 10 craft beer stories for the year.

If you missed No. 10 from earlier today, you can see that right here.

Now we've arrived at...

No. 9

The news: Homebrewers announce brewery plans

What happened: We all expected that when Senate Bill 424 passed into law -- allowing brewers to sell their own full-strength beer out of their own buildings -- that quite a few new breweries would likely pop up. And indeed, that appears to be the case, as award-winning homebrewers like Ross Harper (Angry Scotsman Brewing) and Matt and Beth Conner (Frenzy Brewing) announced they were looking to turn pro.

Why it mattered: Several homebrewers said they would try and turn pro if SB 424 were passed, but if there's any place where talk is cheap, it's in the business of starting a brewery. Seeing people go public with plans to open pubs proved that SB 424 could indeed hold the power to alter the local beer landscape in several ways.

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