The Thirsty Beagle: Automobile Alley home to three breweries?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Automobile Alley home to three breweries?

What if I told you that by the middle of next year you could go to Automobile Alley and walk to three different breweries?

That situation has a very distinct possibility of becoming a reality.

We know that Twisted Spike Brewing is nearing a public opening on NW 10 this month -- maybe within a few days -- and that Prairie's OKC brewpub along NW 8 is expected to open in late spring or early summer of 2017.

But you may not have known that Mustang Brewing is also looking at Automobile Alley.

Mustang majority owner Scott White had plans on moving his brewery from 520 N Meridian to a spot in Edmond, near Kelly and NW 150. Those plans fell through, and it appears Mustang has settled on a nice alternative near NW 9, near where Hillbilly's is located.

White said plans call for multi-unit development with several companies under one roof, including the Mustang brewery, a rooftop bar and event center, and a farm-to-table-style restaurant, He said he is looking at a June opening date.

The plans actually would not be that dissimilar from what Prairie has planned for the area.

Can one small area of the city sustain two such ambitious projects? Will there be enough companies to fill in the buildings and make things work?

If it does all works out -- I say if because things tend to change pretty quickly in the beer business -- the area could be established as Oklahoma City's first modern brewery district, featuring three breweries within three or four blocks of each other.


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