The Thirsty Beagle: Twisted Spike on track for fall opening

Friday, September 9, 2016

Twisted Spike on track for fall opening

Many local craft beer fans got a chance to visit and tour Twisted Spike Brewing Co. on SB 424 Day, and if you liked what you saw, you'll be happy to know that brewmaster Bruce Sanchez is eyeing an October public opening for his commercial brewhouse and taproom.

I'm especially excited for Twisted Spike because not only does Sanchez make good beer, but he has the most intriguing location of any of the Oklahoma City-area small craft brewers. It's the first brewery that will be located firmly within one of Oklahoma City's existing entertainment districts.

If you couldn't make it out to the Automobile Alley location on Aug. 26, fear not, I was able to visit the brewery the day before and did a little bit of a photo essay. Take a looksy...

First we have the sign on the outside of the building:

Inside, you have a row of fermenters. Twisted Spike will brew at COOP Ale Works, and have the wort trucked to Automobile Alley for fermentation.

You've got some kegs ready for action inside the walk-in cooler:

Here's where the taproom will be located. A lot of Twisted Spike's theming pays homage to the railroad track that runs along the east side of the building. The storage car on the left will be the bar -- they're going to cut an opening into the side of the car where you can amble up and order a drink:

Looking from the taproom through to the brewhouse:

One of the coolest aspects is the walk-in cooler. The cooler is comprised of two storage cars welded together, insulated and fitted with a cooling unit:

The building still maintains a lot of its original character, including wooden ceiling rafters and brick walls:

Just outside the taproom you can see the railroad tracks that run along the length of the building. Things might be a little noisy when the train rolls by:

And finally, you can see a branded keg:

There's a lot of promise in the building -- and Sanchez appears to have a good vision. Here's hoping the final few construction goals stay on track for that October opening.

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