The Thirsty Beagle: Sliding into the weekend with musings on Roughtail, Marshall, SQ 792

Friday, September 23, 2016

Sliding into the weekend with musings on Roughtail, Marshall, SQ 792

Happy Friday, y'all. What better time to pass along a few musings and odds and ends...

-Roughtail is releasing the much-anticipated Wheat Dreams at the brewery today at 4. The brewery-only beer will be available in cans, growlers and pints. They're also putting out a draft-only run of Everything Rhymes with Orange. Roughtail is expecting a big crowd; they've even provided a snarky parking tutorial on their FB page. I think this is a really interesting release because we're starting to see how things are changing for brewers now that the newness of being able to sell from the brewery is wearing off. I've spoken to several brewers who said they were thrilled with the reaction and crowds on Aug. 26, but the real test would come several weeks down the road. Would foot traffic sustain on a regular basis? I think the key will be in the content, like with any business. Brewers will have to maintain a focus on giving consumers a reason to get out to the brewery. That's likely going to mean a pretty interesting proliferation of one-offs and special beers. Certainly it will be interesting to see if those offerings continue to pull people in.

-Seems like every bar and pub is hosting a stein-hoisting competition right about now. It is the season for Oktoberfest beers, and all the pomp and circumstance that goes along with that. While you certainly have all kinds of options when it comes to Oktoberfest beer, you should remember you have some very solid local choices available. Both COOP and Anthem are doing good things with their Oktoberfests, but I want to shine the spotlight on Marshall for a minute. Brewmaster Eric Marshall apprenticed in Germany and his history and experience is conveyed in the company's outstanding lineup of lagered beers. And those beers will be the stars of the brewery's Marshtoberfest celebration on Oct. 1. The brewery will be open from noon to 6 p.m. that day with German beer, food and music. Marshall Oktoberfest is a must-get beer for me every fall, but you also don't want to miss out on Klaus Hefeweizen if you haven't had the chance to try that one yet.

-I'm seeing more and more media -- both online and in various newspapers and television shows -- about State Question 792. With about six weeks to election day, we should only expect things will heat up more. One thing that continues to irk me is that the anti-792 crowd/liquor store owners continue to complain about only being able to have two liquor licenses under SQ 792. Now, if the liquor store owners want to complain about Walmart making a power grab for cheap wine sales, that's fine by me, because that's a fair argument. But as I've pointed out numerous times, liquor store owners (before they left the bargaining table) were offered the opportunity to own several licenses. As state Sen. Stephanie Bice has said, they rejected that offer because they wanted to protect themselves from the likes of Spec's and Total Wine coming into the state. I continue to be dismayed, although I guess not surprised anymore, that some liquor store owners are sticking to this talking point. It's truth-bending at best, and straight-up disingenuous at its worst. 

-In case you missed my blog post from earlier this week, we've got a crazy boatload of beer events coming up in the OKC area in the next couple weeks.

That's all for me today -- have a great weekend beer peeps!

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