The Thirsty Beagle: Mustang Brewing eyes huge changes

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mustang Brewing eyes huge changes

When former Mustang Brewing Co. president Tim Schoelen announced July 30 that he was stepping aside, and news followed shortly thereafter that the brewery would be moving to a new location, it left a lot of people asking questions.

Where will the brewery go? What will become of the company?

I've been pursuing some answers to those questions, and I can report to you that Mustang is in for a huge shakeup.

Mustang is now under the direction of its new owner, local businessman and investor Scott White, who has been making his living in oil and gas and real estate, but recently has started to flex his muscles in bar and restaurant development.

White has his eyes set on continuing the Mustang brand, but not at its current location. And also, not at a location near Classen Curve, as had been rumored.

Instead, White is taking Mustang north. Although he wouldn't confirm an exact location, he said the brewery will move to the north Oklahoma City/Edmond area, and he is eyeing a grand opening as early as February.

It was not clear if this would be a new build, or a takeover of an existing space.

White said the new brewery will feature food, games and entertainment/live music options, as well as several dozen taps -- as many as 100 handles. What's more, he said plans call for the brewhouse to act as a brewing co-op, with space to host several up-and-coming brewers.

White said he's actively seeking brewers who would like to use the co-op, and in a twist that I thought was surprising, he confirmed that one such beermaker might be Schoelen himself, working under the on-again, off-again Redbud label. You may or may not remember that Schoelen acquired the Redbud label as part of the deal that netted him the original OK City Brewing Co-op. That deal was made possible when current American Solera founder and former COOP, Redbud and Prairie brewmaster Chase Healey left his job at Redbud.

Of course, there is another brewery that has to be mentioned in relation to Mustang's move. Elk Valley Brewing has been operating out of Mustang's Meridian Avenue location for some time now. White said Elk Valley is welcome to make beer at the new location, although he speculated that brewmaster John Elkins may be looking to parlay his run of successful releases into his own new location.

However that shakes out, White said he will continue with Mustang's core lineup of beers, including Rocket Fuel (soon to be released in cans), Farmhouse Ale and Washita Wheat, among others. Plans call for the development of several new beers, as well. 

And White is not stopping there. He also confirmed plans for a new pub in Edmond, in the same area as The Patriarch. White said he's an Edmond guy, and is looking to bring increased options to the Edmond/north OKC area.

If you're in that area of the metro, it appears that fairly soon you won't need to drive that far for more craft beer options.


  1. Gotta Love it! I really enjoy hearing about the local guys expanding their brand and doing well.

  2. Couldn't Elk Valley maybe remain in that building that they are currently in?

    1. Trey, Elk Valley could try to stay there, and that is one of the options he is considering. I think in the end though, that location is not viewed as a top stop in terms of foot traffic in the taproom. We'll see, though.

  3. Jack. Freaking. Pot. Thanks for the update Nick! Now, if Mr. White could do us all a real solid, and zone his place so I can bring my wee one, oh man...