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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Roughtail Blog Takeover: Big news for Hoptometrist

If you follow the online beer chatter like I do, you know a lot of excitement always builds when a fresh batch of Roughtail Hoptometrist makes its way to liquor store shelves.

The problem has been that there hasn't really been any consistency of when you can expect it to hit the shelves. It's been an occasional seasonal -- until now.

Here's your next Roughtail scoop: Starting next week, Hoptometrist is moving to a full, year-round release schedule.

To celebrate the occasion, the Roughtail Taphouse is a hosting a Hoptometrist weekend on Aug. 27-29, featuring $4 Hoptometrist cans all weekend, and a special Hoptometrist through a double-randall featuring two different dry-hops on the night of Aug. 27.

Hop heads rejoice!

Until then, tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of Roughtail Blog Takeover week.

Pints and Pins

-Head over to Oak & Ore at 5 p.m. Thursday for an Elk Valley Tap Night and glassware giveaway.

-Republic is hosting a Founders beer dinner at 6 p.m. Aug. 25. The cost is $50. Visit the bar to RSVP, or email

-Marshall has bottled a batch of Bound for Glory Belgian IPA and says the beer should be in stores as early as Thursday.

-A few weeks ago I took part in a promotional video for Energy FC and Anthem Brewing. You can see that video here.

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