The Thirsty Beagle: It's Beer Label Friday, Vol. 2

Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Beer Label Friday, Vol. 2

I've got a whole mess of beer labels to throw your way today -- exciting stuff!

Let's dive right in and get started with some good stuff from Elk Valley Brewing Co. Have you been thinking you'd like to see pretty much all of Elk Valley's beers -- plus a couple that haven't been released yet -- in cans?

If yes, then check out all these can label designs approved by federal regulators this month:

I mean, wow. I reached out to Elk Valley brewmaster John Elkins to get an ETR (estimated time of release) for these 12 oz., canned offerings, and he said we will likely first see Pale Ale, Coffee Nemesis, Nemesis and Par 3 IPA, maybe in as early as three weeks. The other two, Midnight Ryed and Brother Dave's will likely be more toward the fall.

A few labels from Mustang Brewing Co. have also been approved by the feds. This first one is a keg collar for what appears to be a low-point pale ale:

I would look for that on tap at the brewery soon. Other than that, there were a few more notable postings:

You might think, "What's the big deal? These aren't new releases." And you'd be right to think that. What's interesting to me is the wording on the far right of the bottle label: "Mustang Beer Company. Krebs, OK."

I checked with officials from Choc and they confirm they are indeed doing some brewing and bottling for Mustang. And Mustang President Tim Schoelen told me they reached out to Choc to use their bottling line in an effort to cut down on capital costs at Mustang's Oklahoma City brewery. Schoelen said they do have a bottling line in-house that they will use for 22 oz. bottles.

Pints and Pins

-COOP has a beer dinner planned for next Thursday at McNellie's Tulsa-South. You can see the menu and details below:

Email for reservations or more information.

-Oak & Ore is hiring bar staff. Email if you are passionate about beer and would like to work there.

-I covered so much news in Wednesday morning's blog post -- if you're looking for an upcoming event, read this.

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