The Thirsty Beagle: Roughtail ready for launch of new flagship IPA

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Roughtail ready for launch of new flagship IPA

Tony Tielli is excited.

And that's saying something. Tielli, the brewmaster and co-founder of Roughtail Brewing Co., is typically a pretty even-keeled guy.

But I could sense his excitement as he described the latest big development for Roughtail -- a re-boot of their flagship Roughtail IPA.

As it turns out, the original Roughtail IPA is not the beer Tielli had always envisioned as the company's flagship. I could explain more, but I'll let Tielli take it from here.

"When we first started Roughtail, we knew that we wanted to make our IPA our flagship beer, but we also knew that we had to balance that with being able to sustainably source ingredients for it as a brand new brewery," he said. "The hop market is growing by leaps and bounds but it just can’t keep pace with the overall craft beer market’s growth.

"Demand for the most aromatic, most popular, and most unique varieties outpaces supply year after year. In order to secure any quantity of some of the hops you have to contract to buy them years in advance.

"We decided to make Roughtail IPA the best IPA we could using hops that were available to us at the time, even though as brewers we knew there were other varieties out there that we would really love to use one day.

"Now that the brewery is two years old, our access to a broad range of aromatic and unique hops has grown dramatically. We decided it was time to re-boot our flagship beer as the beer we have always wanted it to be, but before now were simply unable to make. We have combined everything we’ve learned over the past two years with some new brewing techniques that we’re really liking, and a blend of hops that we are totally excited about.

"The new Roughtail IPA is brewed using a new strain of clean fermenting yeast that lets the hop flavor and aroma really shine, a neutral malt profile that provides just enough support for the hops and a heavy dose of Simcoe, Citra, Centennial, Summit, and Columbus hops.

"We haven’t been this excited since we put Hoptometrist in cans for the first time; this is finally the Roughtail IPA we’ve always wanted to make."

Tielli said the first batches will have a "5/28/15" date on the four pack, and should be available in stores as early as this weekend. The packaging will remain the same. He said any cans or kegs produced after May 21 will be the new recipe.

I always say, you can never have too many good IPAs.

Pints and Pins

-The Made in Oklahoma Wine, Beer and Food Festival is Saturday in Midwest City. I understand there will be local beer and wine available for sampling.

-Today at 5 p.m. at Oak & Ore: Anthem Bourbon Barrel Golden One release party.

-Marshall Brewing Co. has a series of Arrowhead Pale Ale release parties on the docket.

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